Measures for the Identification of R & D Centers of Science and Technology Enterprises in Sanmen County


In order to further strengthen the construction of the R & D center of science and technology enterprises in our county, improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises, and promote the scientific and technological progress and sustainable development of enterprises, these measures are formulated.
The nature and tasks of the 1. R & D center:
The (I) R & D center is an institution that engages in research in related scientific and technological fields, carries out technology development, process development, product development and related technical service activities, and is a relatively independent scientific research and development entity or organization in the enterprise. The R & D center takes the form of a technology development department within the enterprise, a branch or branch of a non-independent legal person established by the enterprise, and so on.
Encourage enterprises to cooperate with institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions to establish research and development centers.
Main tasks of (II) R & D center:
1. Participate in the formulation and implementation of enterprise technological innovation, technology introduction, and technology development plans, and provide advice and suggestions for enterprise technological development decisions.
2. Research and develop new technologies, new materials, new processes, and new products with market prospects and competitiveness; research and develop products and core technologies with independent intellectual property rights.
3. Extensively carry out technical cooperation, make full use of the scientific and technological strength and research results of institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes to carry out applied research and carry out intermediate experiments.
4. Improve the enterprise intellectual property system and strengthen the development, application, management and protection of enterprise intellectual property rights.
5. Carry out talent exchange and cooperation, and train high-quality engineering and technical personnel and high-skilled personnel urgently needed by enterprises and industries.
2. conditions:
(I) enterprises have been registered in this county for more than one year, and have independent intellectual property rights, proprietary technology or advanced knowledge, including patents (application or authorization), standards, trademarks, recognized scientific and technological achievements and other proprietary technologies, and have products or services based on independent intellectual property rights, proprietary technology or advanced knowledge. Those who have been identified as high-tech R & D centers (enterprise technology centers, quality inspection centers) at or above the municipal level are not recognized in this scope.
The sales revenue of (II) enterprises in the previous year was above 10 million yuan, and they have certain investment in scientific and technological innovation funds and the ability to continuously carry out scientific and technological innovation activities.
(III) enterprises have a strong sense of innovation, and in principle, the total number of scientific and technological personnel engaged in R & D and related technical activities shall not be less than 5.
(IV) R & D center has a relatively independent site, with research and development of the enterprise's products necessary engineering and technical test conditions, infrastructure and testing analysis, testing means and process equipment.
The (V) center has a reasonable organization, sound rules and regulations and management methods, and can effectively carry out research and development work, and has clear development plans and goals.
3. accreditation procedures and organizational management:
(I) enterprises to fill in the "Sanmen County Science and Technology Enterprise R & D Center Identification Application Form" in quintuplicate and related attachments (annual balance sheet, profit and loss statement, high-tech enterprise, science and technology enterprise certificate, science and technology plan, patent certificate, etc.).
(II) County Science and Technology Bureau organized on-the-spot investigation and evaluation by experts, and awarded the title of "Sanmen County Science and Technology Enterprise R & D Center.
The Science and Technology Bureau of (III) County assesses the construction of each R & D center every three years, and orders those who fail the assessment to rectify or cancel the title of R & D center.
4. support and guarantee:
(I) enterprises are the main body of the construction of the R & D center, and they must provide the necessary human, financial, and material security conditions for the R & D center.
(II) our county recognizes a number of county-level science and technology enterprise R & D centers every year; for qualified centers, recommend apply for provincial and municipal high-tech R & D centers.
(III) give priority funding to scientific and technological projects carried out by enterprise R & D centers.
(IV) County Science and Technology Bureau actively provides services for enterprise R & D centers, guides the construction and development of the center, promotes industry-university-research cooperation and the promotion and transformation of achievements, so that the center can better play its role as an innovation carrier.
These Measures shall come into force as of the date of issuance, and the original Interim Measures for the Recognition of Research and Development Centers of Science and Technology Enterprises in Sanmen County shall be abolished.

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