Rural Revitalization Research Institute


In response to the call of the country's beautiful rural construction, relying on the faculty of Taizhou University Business School, the Rural Revitalization Institute was established. In accordance with the general idea of "promoting the strengths of ecology, doing landscape articles, promoting green industries, and strengthening the economy of one side", we will inherit farming civilization, display folk culture, protect traditional houses, build beautiful countryside, develop leisure agriculture, guide innovative elements to gather in the countryside, promote the integration of urban and rural areas and the development of pillar industries in rural areas, and build boutique villages around "local flavor, ancient flavor and cultural flavor, it also highlights the charm, historical memory and cultural genes of the fishing village in Sanmen, and further promotes the revitalization and development of the countryside in Sanmen County. The Institute focuses on the common policies and technical issues in the construction of rural revitalization in Sanmen County, and organizes think tank construction, top-level design and key technological breakthroughs. The core team of the Institute is now composed of 3 members, including 1 professor and Professor Li Yuejun, the director.


Institute Management

Picture Name

Professor Li Yuejun

Director of Rural Revitalization Research Institute

Education background and position
• Doctor/Professor
• Current Executive Vice Dean of Taizhou Institute of Culture and Tourism, Director of Tourism Planning and Rural Development Institute of Taizhou University, Secretary-General of Taizhou Economic Association, Deputy Secretary-General of Taizhou Merchants Research Institute, Director of Zhejiang Geographical Society, etc.

Honors and Qualifications
• He has done more research on regional tourism development, urban tourism, rural tourism, mountain tourism environmental protection, etc., and wrote 2 monographs

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Core Team

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