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The Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing and Advanced Equipment relies on the faculty of the School of Aeronautical Engineering of Taizhou University, focusing on the national strategy of "Made in China 2025" and the development plan of "Industrial 4.0", etc., with the purpose of "serving the regional economy and serving local enterprises", focusing on Sanmen County The problems that need to be solved urgently in the application research and technology development of the manufacturing and equipment fields of social and industrial development, research and apply key technologies such as automation, intelligence, and informatization, and provide various services such as scientific and technological support, achievement transformation, technology incubation, and technical information consultation to enterprises and institutions in Sanmen County.

At present, the main research directions are: production line automation transformation, intelligent equipment development, robot application technology, manufacturing information upgrading, motor electronic control system development and mechanical equipment performance testing.

The core team of the institute is now composed of 4 members, including 2 professors, 1 associate professor, and the director, Professor Zhang Yongju.

Institute Management

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Professor Zhang Yongju

Director of Intelligent Manufacturing and Advanced Equipment Research Institute

Education background and position
• Doctor/Professor
• Current Dean of School of Aeronautical Engineering, Taizhou University

Honors and Qualifications
• First-class discipline direction/provincial-level first-class professional leader, executive deputy director of Zhejiang Engineering Research Center, chairman of the Municipal Electronics Society, vice chairman of the Information Promotion Association, and representative of the Municipal People's Congress.
• Selected to cultivate young and middle-aged academic leaders in colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province

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Core Team

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