Rubber Industry Development Research Institute


In order to deepen the structural reform on the supply side of the industry and speed up the continuous transformation of the new and old kinetic energy of the rubber industry in Sanmen County, relying on the faculty of the School of Pharmaceutical Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering of Taizhou University, the Rubber Industry Development Research Institute was established, which integrates basic research, applied research, analysis and testing of rubber materials, and carries out technical development and other services focusing on the development of rubber, rubber and plastic products production enterprises in Sanmen County ", use new technologies, new processes, and new facilities to develop new products and new materials to promote the continuous enrichment of Sanmen rubber products, the continuous improvement of technical content, and the continuous enhancement of industrial competitiveness.

At present, it mainly provides technical development, technical consultation, personnel training and new rubber product development of new rubber materials, special rubber, rubber additives and fillers and rubber products.

The core team of the Institute is now composed of 5 members, including 1 professor, 3 associate professors, and Professor Huang Guobo, the director.

Institute Management

Associate Professor He Zhicai

Director of Rubber Industry Development Research Institute

• Doctor/Professor
• Director of Institute of Polymer Materials, Department of Materials Engineering, Taizhou University, Director of Zhejiang Plastic Engineering Society

Honors and Qualifications
Young and middle-aged academic leaders in colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province
• Selected for the second-level training personnel of the 151 Talent Project in Zhejiang Province and the first-level training personnel of the 211 Talent Project in Taizhou City

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Core Team

Provide consumers with quality products and services, provide career support for marketing partners, and provide career development space for employees

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