Taizhou Science and Technology Innovation "115" Action Plan


In order to implement the spirit of the Ninth Plenary Session of the 13th Provincial Party Committee and the 11th Plenary Session of the Fourth Municipal Party Committee, we will focus on making up for, making up for, and making up for the shortcomings of our city's scientific and technological innovation, accelerating the promotion of "one transformation and four innovations", and using the strength of the city Promote the construction of an innovative city, make innovation the main driving force for the sustained and healthy development of the economy and society, and provide strong scientific and provide strong scientific and technology support for Taizhou in Taizhou in the "13th, this action plan is formulated.
1. guiding ideology and overall objectives

(I) guiding ideology. In-depth study and implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches, especially a series of new ideas, new judgments and new requirements on technological innovation.

(II) the overall objective. By 2020, the implementation of the city's innovation-driven development strategy will achieve substantial results, innovation conditions will be significantly improved, innovation vitality will burst out, and innovation cooperation will be more open.

3. the construction of a Taizhou science and technology city

According to the overall layout of "one city and three districts" (science and technology innovation comprehensive area, incubation acceleration area and industrial agglomeration area), an innovation and entrepreneurship corridor from west to east will be formed under the dual-axis connection of Shifu Avenue and Development Avenue. The science and technology city will be built into an innovation-driven demonstration area, a core area of a famous intelligent city and a leading area for the integration of industry and city, so as to effectively improve the city's science and technology and technology and technology innovation deficiency board.

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