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Relying on the faculty of the School of Life Sciences of Taizhou University, the Institute of Plant Resources and Environment actively practices the scientific thesis that "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", focusing on the collection, extraction and industrialization of flowers and medicinal plant resources, and the core germplasm and function of plant resources The exploration and utilization of active substances, the preparation of plant chemical resources, the research of postharvest biology of fruits and vegetables, and the research and preservation technology research and development of preservation, etc., in order to create a regional brand of "fresh sweet, vigorously develop high-efficiency ecological agriculture, increase the added value of Sanmen plant resource products, especially cultivate and develop small mountain treasures such as raspberry, kudzu root, and jianxiang pomelo, and further develop and expand the four leading agricultural products of citrus, melon, tea, and broccoli, and promote the characteristics of fruits and vegetables in Sanmen County Construction of a strong agricultural town. At the same time, taking the establishment of a beautiful rural demonstration county as the carrier, focusing on environmental improvement and beautification, implementing the "three revolutions" of garbage classification, beautiful courtyards, and toilet renovation as the starting point, and carrying out a comprehensive improvement project for the rural human settlement environment to build a beautiful rural upgrade for Sanmen County Contribute to the version.

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