Recruitment Notice for Staff of Taizhou Tianjun Technology Co., Ltd.


Taizhou Tianjun Technology Co., Ltd. (Tianjun Technology) is the corporate operation carrier of Sanmen Research Institute of Taizhou University, mainly engaged in the research and development and sales of new materials. Research and development of rubber products; Research and development of building materials; Research and development of auto parts; Development, sales and development of cosmetics and food; Technical research and development, manufacturing and sales of industrial automation control system devices; Industrial application integration and sales of intelligent robots; Technology entrepreneurship incubation service; scientific and technological information consulting, technology development, technical services, technical consulting, technology transfer, technology transformation; enterprise management consulting; concurrently engaged in all other legitimate business. The current business is mainly based on the development of new technologies and the transformation of results, the development of new products and technical services. Due to the development needs of the company, the following positions are proposed to be recruited (working place: Sanmen County, Taizhou City). The specific requirements are as follows:

1. recruitment positions and requirements

One (I) and full-time accountant

Job requirements:

Bachelor degree or above, with accountant qualification certificate, with two years or above financial work experience, familiar with national fiscal and taxation policies. Familiar with enterprise cost accounting workers preferred;

2. Responsible for daily income and expenditure, cost accounting, various expenses and transactions of financial accounting work;

3. Proficient in using financial software and office software such as Excle and Word;

4. Good personal credit, honest and trustworthy and diligent work attitude, good professionalism and good communication skills and team spirit.

(II), marketing planning and marketing personnel 2

Job requirements:

1. Junior College degree or above, with product planning or marketing background or more than five years of product sales experience.

2. Have the professional knowledge, skills and unique insights of market and brand marketing, and have strong market management, organization, research, analysis and effect prediction ability;

3. Have keen market insight and in-depth understanding of the macro environment, market conditions and competitive landscape of the customer's industry;

4. Familiar with the operation process of various activities, familiar with online and offline sales channels, with strong learning ability;

5. Good organizational skills and team spirit, good understanding and communication skills, able to independently complete the relevant work assigned by the company;

6. Have rich imagination, like divergent thinking, clear work, high sensitivity to news;

7. Proficient in using PPT, Excle, Word and other office software.

(III), project department management personnel 1

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in science and engineering background;

2. Honest and trustworthy, positive, hard-working spirit and sense of teamwork;

3. Strong understanding and execution, good organization and coordination ability;

4. Have farm field management experience or engaged in front-line management workers are preferred.

(IV), special assistant to the chairman 1

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, with a background of business assistant for senior executives in well-known large and medium-sized enterprises is preferred;

The image of good temperament, good conduct, cheerful personality, understanding, communication and coordination and negotiation ability;

3. Have strict logical thinking and analytical judgment ability, have strong overall coordination ability, good written and oral expression ability. Serving as a cadre of the school-level student union during the school period is preferred;

4. Honest and trustworthy, positive and hardworking;

5. He has good writing skills and can skillfully use office software such as Excle, Word, PPT and Visio and common graphics processing software.

2. registration time and place

(1) Starting and ending dates of registration: June 29, 2022-July 6, 2022

(2) Registration Method:

Please send the electronic version of your resume to

Contact: Xu Weihong; Tel: 13175356607

3. employment method and salary

Those who meet the application requirements will participate in the interview and assessment. The assessment time will be notified by telephone separately. According to the assessment results, the best candidates will be employed and the labor contract will be signed.

Salary: the implementation of the company's wage standards, special talent treatment negotiable;

Benefits: Five insurances and one fund, enjoy national statutory paid holidays (such as statutory holidays, annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, sick leave and other paid holidays).

Taizhou Tianjun Technology Co., Ltd.

22 June 2022

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